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Key b+u = Brewery, b = beer name,  i+u = hop, i = beer style, u = yeast, b+i = malt

My most recent hobby has been drinking lots of locally brewed beer. I’m into the origins of food and drink and beer is always better when it has the least amount of food miles possible and you can’t get better than being in the actual city that it is brewed in. I am really lucky to be in Canterbury which has the Foundry brewing its own beer at its pub and also at the City Arms as well as selling at Quex Barn, Murray’s General Store in the Goods Shed and the Rouge Mouton. There is also 2 other Canterbury brewers. One which has Christian-themed beers and another which has Chaucer themed ales. A fourth is Wantsum Brewery based in Hersden 3 miles away. They are historical in nature, based on the fact that Thanet used to be an island and Kent a kingdom onto itself. Goody Ales is also nearby in Herne. Gadd’s Brewery is in Ramsgate and of course, there is Shepherd Neame in Faversham. There is currently 28 breweries/micro breweries in Kent as shown by the map which I did earlier. This has now increased to 35. I have visited Gadd’s and although they sell beer from their shop, it’s just an office on the industrial estate next to where they make the beer. Shepherd Neame have a tour, shop, bar and you get free beer after which is nice but I’d rather not drink it. Wantsum is on the list to visit due to its proximity but we haven’t got there yet. Maybe another boring one as it’s on an industrial estate but they do sell from the shop. Have to check that there open though first. I have tried Whitstable Brewery and Old Dairy Brewery and there ok but nothing to write home about. I have even had Nelson brewery beer even though that is further out. Had Chapel Down beer from their winery in that area too.
English breweries that I like if you can’t already tell Siren, Beavertown, Black Isle (Blonde and Red Kite), Weird Beard (Mariana Trench), Brew by Numbers, Buxton. Foreign Breweries Tool, Evil Twin and Mikkeller. where I rate all my beer before talking about it on here. Well I did until it got too tiresome.

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Ah, another love we have in common. I started long ago drinking Newcastle’s Brown Ale before it was popular in the USA (which meant it was hard to get fresh). Now it’s fairly common, but I’ve moved on to porters and stouts and IPAs and… well all kinds of tasty brews!

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    1. Loads of beer articles as well as food. Some media and culture too to round it out.

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      1. Wyrd Smythe says:

        I’ll be back once things slow down a bit around here!

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      2. That’s fine.


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