What I learned in five years of blogging

A little inspiration so that you keep doing what your doing mo matter what obstacles come in your path, you can overcome them.

Cristian Mihai

Five years. Five years of daily blogging. Five years since I decided to never give up, no matter what. To keep writing, to keep blogging, to just keep at it for as long as it took.

And what a ride it has been. Around the world, indeed. 200 or so countries. Lots and lots of people, lots and lots of stories…

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As you may know I have Asperger syndrome and that causes a processing overload sometimes as I absorb everything around me in such great detail that I just can’t cope and will become very sluggish until this backlog is dealt with. This can take many forms from isolation, moodiness, listlessness but also a complete of lack of interest in anything as I can’t handle what is currently going through my mind so I certainly don’t want any more input. The confusing thing is I can’t  always put into words what is happening to me or why I am in such a state of angst. Writing is soothing and calming as it helps to order the complex array of emotions and thoughts that are whirling round my head like a cyclone. Talking is just too much effort sometimes and I can’t always deal with it. I’m trying to arrange so many things from the past, present and future that it all collides into one gigantic mess and the resulting inevitable explosion is generally not a pleasant thing to experience. Sometimes it’s tears and I won’t know why since I was possibly on top of the world 2 minutes ago and other times its anger built from a couple of days/ weeks tension about many things each of which I don’t have control over and may or maybe not understand fully the reasons for why that is like the way it is. Issues with myself that can’t be changed usually means tears, if it’s someone or something else causing the drama that tends to be anger and I can say quite a volley of swear words which shows how deeply I’m feeling whatever the issue is. After catharsis has been accomplished then all is good until the next occasion when I feel too much or experience an information deluge.


This is a crucial aspect to language learning and I may have touched upon this in the past. This is why when you immerse yourself in a language its much easier to pick it up then if you are only reading it for example. This is why my Greek has come on leaps and bounds recently as well as writing lots of inane sentences online that I wouldn’t dream of writing in English due to their simplistic nature. Listening helps you pick up on the stresses in words and can help you detect where the person comes from as all regions have accents. Even no accent can possibly be classified. This however presents a problem if I want to learn other languages at the same time as I need to create immersion environments for them all but they might come into conflict and make my brain explode. I don’t fancy having that happen to me. So how do I work around this? Multi lingual people? A friend in each language? A place that speaks various languages as standard? As you can probably figure out I haven’t a clue how to resolve this as yet.