diary blog

Since the majority of posts so far have been about beer, I thought I would investigate my blog a bit more and develop it further. I haven’t been cooking much recently since the weather has been so hot and my husband said yesterday that a spider was taking the mick as he had made a web in my cupboards! Cheeky creature you let them live to kill flies and they dirty your cookware just because you are not using them!

Too much crazy stuff goes on in my head so I need to write it down as there is no such thing as a pansieve and I do not have a magic wand like Dumbledore. It is very associative in case you haven’t met or talked to me. So stuff like when your watching and waiting for something, anything, in fact, reminds me of Blink 182 All the small things and we both frequently say the lyrics to it. Just as I was writing this I got the Nickelback song in my head this is how you remind me … Yes I was a 90s teenager.


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