Relaxation from thoughts

When I don’t have any new reading material, its late and I want to go to sleep I watch kids movies. This is a great way to calm down and there generally very good. There cheap, easily obtainable and you can sell them on easily if you don’t like them. I have recently being watching the Pokemon movies that I have been buying off Ebay. There are 17 movies in total, with 3 spinoffs called Pokemon Chronicles vol 1-3, a promotional dvd for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon which covers the spinoff game, Pokemon Ranger is itself a spinoff game, and you can get dvds of the tv series too if you don’t want to watch it on youtube. I didn’t watch most of this as a kid due to living abroad so I’m catching up on them now and learning about all the different Pokemon that are constantly created. I haven’t played most of these games or watched the TV series for most of these iterations. I have been watching Pokemon Chronicles which gives you a bit more background but also what Brock and Misty did after they left Ash.

    Original series

  1. The First Movie: Mewtwo strikes Back. Mewtwo is created from Mew but is evil, angry and has a grudge against humanity for the way it was created and experimented on by researchers. Chaos insures as it seeks to find itself in the world.
  2. The Movie 2000: Lugia’s Birth. This movie understandably is all about Lugia. Each movie is about the legendary Pokemon that are in the games that are out at the same time so there accompanying stories.
  3. The Movie : Spell of the Unown. These are mystical psychic Pokemon that are each a letter of the alphabet. They are very old and have been woken from slumber. Entei a legendary dog also has a major part to play in assisting the Unown.
  4. 4Ever : Celebi Voice of the Forest. The Forest guardian has time travel powers to assist in its job of keeping the forest harmony alive and prevent its destruction from man.
  5. Heroes: Latios and Latias. A city is protected by the founding Pokemon who have been awoken because a precious artefact has been stolen. A fight ensures to return peace and harmony to the world.

Advanced Generation (series 2)

  1. Jirachi Wish Maker (6). The millennium is approaching along with a comet that means Jirachi will awaken and grant wishes to those that are kind to it. It is immensely powerful so the forces of evil wish to capture it and force it to do there evil tasks. They have to be stopped otherwise the world as we know it will cease to exist.
  2. Destiny Deoxys (7). This is quite an intelligent movie for an older age group dealing with technology where as the previous ones have been centred on history and nature. It explores how much we rely on technology and its power over us using Deoxys and Rayquaza doing battle over who controls the world.
  3. Lucario and the mystery of Mew (8). This one goes back in time to talk about Mew from the original series. I haven’t watched this yet as its not available on UK EBAY but is available on YouTube.
  4. Pokemon Ranger and the Sea Temple (9). This is about an egg and an ancient culture that needs protecting but I haven’t watched this either due to unavailability on UK EBAY. When I catch it on YouTube I will review.

Diamond and Pearl (Series 3)

  1. The Rise of Darkrai (10). This one is really good and deals with what happens when the space/time continuum is interrupted and how it affects the universe we live in.  Dialga and Palkia are intensely powerful Pokemon who were separated on different planets far apart but have now met and are wrecking havoc in several dimensions at once. Darkrai doesn’t like the fact his territory has been invaded and deals with them accordingly.
  2. Giratina and the Sky Warrior (11). I watched this one before the previous one which is a bad idea as it doesn’t make that much sense on its own and I was very annoyed by the ungrateful, irritating Gratitude Pokemon Shaymin. Giratina rules the reverse world and when that is unbalanced so its our own and this needs to be restored for order to return. Regigigas helps out here too.
  3. Arceus and the Jewel of Life (12). This deals with history, time travel and righting the wrongs of the past. It also seeks to stop us from repeating them because we didn’t remember the exact circumstances that originally led to them due to folklore and prejudice. Regeneration and healing is another theme explored here. The trilogy is now complete which is unusual that it is a 3 movie story arc.
  4. Zoroark: Master of illusions (13). I think this one is rubbish although I did watch with my mother. Its too Americanized and violent. Zoroark is a psychic Pokemon who can pretend to be anything and this time it is the 3 legendary dogs that founded the city, Entei, Raikou and Suicine. The townspeople are worried that there guardians are destroying the city especially since the same thing happened 40 years ago and was only restored by the generosity of a legendary Pokemon.

Best Wishes (Series 4)

  1. White: Victini and Zekrom (14a). Victini is the secretive, victory Pokemon so can help any Pokemon win a battle no matter how unlikely by supercharging its abilities. Zekrom is a powerful Dragon type Pokemon that belonged to one of the Princes that ruled the land. When the Dragon force is unbalanced you know that he is battling his fellow Dragon Reshiram.
  2. Black: Victini and Reshiram (14b). More or less the same movie with slight differences as were looking at it from Reshiram’s perspective. You only need to watch one as its too boring to watch both.
  3. Kyurem vs the Sword of Justice (15). This movie deals with some of the other legendary Pokemon from Black and White, Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion. Its the story of a young Pokemon that needs to prove itself against trials to prove its worthy of keeping company with older more experienced Pokemon.
  4. Genesect and the Legend Awakened (16). This movie is about creating life in a laboratory and finding out that nature doesn’t have a place for it a bit like Jurassic Park. Its also about habitat destruction and that playing God is not a good thing to do. Mewtwo reappears.

X and Y (Series 5)

  1. Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (17). This movie has only just been released in Japan in the past month so only people who have played the game will know the Pokemon it contains but the story line …
  2. There is an 18th movie now but I  don’t really feel the need for Pokemon in my life now as I have matured enough not to need this particular crutch.

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