Marvel comic book heroes

I think the mind of Stan Lee is fascinating to come up with all these diverse character like Jessica Jones, Ant and Aquaman, League of Justice, Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the more well known Super and Batman/girl and Wonder woman.

I love the fact we are now in an area where its acceptable even lauded that a person is a geek and that intelligence, attention to details and analysis of facts and a situation are more important than amazing feats of strength, muscles and good looks.

We are also entering an era of female empowerment finally and we can consume things that don’t appeal to all, only to some. The media content is also getting darker and more realistic to reflect the fact that modern life is very complex and it can’t be glossed over as has previously been done so in print, online and in video.

I think its a shame that in the UK we haven’t had that much exposure to Stan Lee bar his cameo in every single movie of his and the odd mention in TV shows like the Big Bang Theory. I think we need a greater appreciation of such a magnificent comic genius.





I have just been taught a lesson in appreciating what you currently have and that even if like Barry Allen you have the chance to go back in time and change what went wrong you shouldn’t because as his dad says things happen for a reason. We may not understand it then, now or even ever but that is the way things must be. Lots of people have wished that they could bring back loved ones, get the one that got away or whatever else was there most heartfelt desire. However, these decisions are what shape our lives, they are how we become what we are. If we went back in time and erased what happened we would also lose all that growth and the lessons would be wasted as time has a habit of repeating itself and you will just be allowing the past to happen all over again but in a different form that may not be so easy to recognise. The past, no matter how painful, must remain the past even if you are capable of building a time machine like Cisco Ramon. Things will be alright in the end and if things are not then it is not the end as was also mentioned in the Flash. Life is cruel as it takes away those that we wish to spend eternity with but that would take away any incentive to really value the short time that we do have with those that we care for so do the things that show how much you love those closest to you and forget about negativity as it doesn’t do anybody any favours least of all yourself.

Lessons in life are given to us to improve ourselves and if we don’t learn it the first time psychology tells us it will appear later on but in a more devastating form. Television is useful to help us understand the deeper questions in life by presenting it to us in a simpler more rational form that is easier to digest. Glee was always helpful in this respect too. That has now finished its course but there will be more Flash in about a month Yes!

American technology

The amount of adverts on US TV really annoyed me and I quickly got bored of trying to watch a program as I’m sure there were more adverts than actual programme. Also everybody has iphones and ipads. I saw an advert for the samsung note 4 but nobody seemed to have any other phone or tablet. It was quite strange as it’s a fairly equal split in the UK. I know why 50 shades of grey did so well over here. Not only was it valentines day on the 14th, it was presidents day on the 16th which is a holiday for government workers and school children. This long weekend means that a lot of people have time off and have short breaks to the mountains hence the traffic but they deal with -15c, snow and wind like a normal day not like in the UK where everything would grind to a halt. It’s a dry cold though so oddly nowhere near as cold as our wet cold, (or I’m wearing better clothing as I lived in thermals under my normal clothes).

Books and their visual adapations

I have read both Game of Thrones books and watched the tv shows. I am very happy with both incarnations. Same for Lord of the Rings. However the same can be said for Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy which I thought was atrocious.  I have been reading the Hunger Games recently which actually was quite boring. Maybe I should have read the books first but I didn’t know about them before hand. I have just watched Divergent and I’m reading the book too. This is seeming to have the same problem. Yes there teen adult books as I call them but no need for them to be so simplistic. I guess it needs to pander to there limited attention span. Its not all bad news as I read the Uglies series of books by Scott Westerfield and I thought they were rather good. Enders Game and Cloud Atlas are also based on books and there movies are really good. Terry Pratchett’s books vary depending on the subjects covered in each one.

Sci fi and beer geekery

Now I didn’t know that it was such a trend going around until I just read an article (beer is your friend robot ninja review) on this but I fall into both categories on the imaginary Venn diagram of society. I am a visual person so I am attracted to labels, to new and uniqueness, I am very curious always searching out the unusual but I do get reined in quite frequently by my bank balance. I do rely on my husband a lot although he is just a beer geek or should I say person that likes to drink a lot of beer lol.

I think quite a reason for the emerging popularity of craft beer and geekery in general is the current theme for superheroes, comic books and the anti establishment feeling brought on by Fight Club and our general disillusionment with the status quo. We want to reform the world in our own image as does each generation before it and this is our way. BrewDog is riding the wave by being the figurehead for this at least in my mind there spearheading it. Geeks are usually quite intelligent, introverted and not very good in social situations hence the shows based on them have a bunch a guys and one woman who is normal to help them out. (Big Bang Theory, Scorpion …) They use beer or alcohol in general to help meet others and to avoid the awkwardness that so often comes with these places as we don’t wish to offend but we quite often do without meaning to as we are quite blunt and don’t think of all the possible meaning a word could have. Its difficult enough to be there and get words out without everything else that could possibly happen. Yes I am alluding to the possibility that quite a lot of these people will have conditions that are either physical, mental or both. This makes them even more reticent to come out of there comfort zones so alcohol helps to calm down there anxieties. Too much will be overload so be careful as they will most likely have a low tolerance but a gradual introduction will be much better here.

New Autumn TV

As the weather has been turning inclement as it is want to do at this time of year I have been safe inside watching lots of TV. I have Sky so have been checking out Dominion, Forever, Scorpion, the Flash and new Big Bang Theory and Defiance. These are pretty much all American TV shows as the only English ones I have been watching is the inevitable X Factor, news and Countryfile. Yes there has been new Dr Who but I stopped watching it a while ago.

Also to add into the mix Intelligence, XIII and I need to catch up on Arrow since it has now crossed over to the Flash and I expect there may be other cross overs. I plan to catch back up with Marvel Agents after I have watched the superhero movies as thats why I stopped. I’m quite have about the rise of the geek and there interest in the sci/fantasy genre in general. I’m not a fan of vampires though so I skip all of those related programmes/movies/books. Also I’m not into S and M so will not be reading 50 shades of grey or watching it when it turns into a movie.

I do need to hurry up and finish reading Game of thrones before the new season comes out and I also need to do that for Hunger Games and the Divergent series. Same for Maze Runner. Enders Game is another I need to get as that movie was awesome! Last Lord of the Rings this year too.