Roasted Spiced Cauliflower with Chickpeas

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I’ve been eating a lot of broccoli and cauliflower lately, and now that the weather has turned, I’ve been looking for new ways of making each that have a bit of a heartier touch. This cauliflower dish does just the trick and it has such a savoury, nutty flavour…

Ginger Up

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between ginger beer and ginger ale? It all began with ginger beer originating in Yorkshire, England in the 18th century. It once contained a small amount of alcohol, unlike its present day predecessor, which is brewed as a soft drink. Ginger ale was created later in the…

Barista Coffee and BrewCycle in Portland

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Happy people on a pub crawl on the BrewCycle Portland Two of the best things in Portland, Oregon are coffee and craft beer. You can find a plethora of both coffee shops and breweries all across Portland, and if you randomly end up in one chances are the…

Apple Maple Beer Glaze Salmon

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Dinner tonight, September 9, 2014 Dinner tonight, January 7, 2014 Very sweet dish, but never the less okay, great to wow dinner guest, I served the green beens but any kind of rice will be great too Get recipe