Sunday – Mouton Rouge and Mikkeller

As you may have gathered me and the husband have drank a few beers in the last weekend so with a place as popular as the Bottleshop, there not always going to have a supply of new/favourite beers that you like in, that are reasonably priced for casual drinking. Also he had asked quite a few times to get Rogue Yellow Snow in and they finally did. He was not the only one asking though.

Rogue Yellow Snow is a very nice IPA but since it comes from america you don’t get it very often and it is very subject to ‘wear and tear’ or oxidation as its usually called leading to a beer that has a very short shelf life if one at all. This can mean that your buying a beer that tastes bad but you won’t know it until you drink it, usually at home and then you have all the trouble of trying to return it/refund/some other form of recompense if you can even be bothered as its not like they can sell that bottle to somebody else. They are quite good at the Bottleshop when this happens but I’m not quite sure how Mouton Rouge handles it.

As to the taste of the beer apart from it being nice, its grapefruit, hoppy, bubbles, smooth, golden yellow with the smallest head. If your particular beer is not the freshest you may not get some or all of this. Best to get this one from New Port, Oregon, or America in general to properly appreciate it.

I got 3 other beers from Mouton Rouge, Time and Tide Calista IPA which is rotating similar to what Kernel do, but I think Kernel do it better. Sam was more impressed with this than I was. Harviestoun Wild Hop IPA which I can’t remember anything about but I didn’t have any as Sam drinks a lot quicker than I do, and Wild Beer Evolver. Wild Beer was a great disappointment and I think it must have been the Brett yeast I didn’t like. Sam didn’t like it much but then its not his style.

I also had Mikkeller I hardcore you which is a blend with Brewdog. Now I haven’t had either of the 2 beers that make up this separately but I have been informed that it rounds off there edges nicely and this is a nice beer so it must be true. The trouble with writing this on Wednesday is I’m struggling to remember all the little facets about it since I’ve only just rated it on ratebeer and my review was short and ill informed for any one reading it.

I also had the Mikkeller Coffee IPA which I have talked about in the previous post although not very much. It is an excellent beer that I thoroughly recommend you try. It has the right balance of IPA to coffee, it has very good quality coffee, it has oat flakes and malts to give it body but also to complement and act as a foil to the sharper more acidic coffee and Citra hop, its not heavy though and doesn’t have any distracting tastes that I sometimes get with black IPA’s. As you may have guessed this was my favourite of the night

The 2 Mikkellers were my favourite beers of my night but ironically they didn’t come from Mouton Rouge. So even though Mouton Rouge are cheaper and have different beers to the Bottle Shop there not always as good as well as less popular. So its the classic 6 of one and half a dozen of another as I get discount from Bottle Shop sometimes and this compensates me for more expensive pricing.


It’s YouTubesday!

Thanks for reviewing this beer. I have been wondering about its taste for ages. I like the idea of a stout/porter but not quite sure about the banana. Also how would you get peanut butter into a beer? I was intrigued by the bacon one they did too. Vicki’s job is just the female perspective but very under used.


Two people named Tommy Gun and Vicki Volt review the Rogue Voodoo chocolate, peanut butter and banana ale.

As far as I can tell, Vicki’s job here is to hold a stuffed monkey and giggle.

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Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA – Ruby Tuesday’s Beer of the Week

Thanks I’ve been wanting to know more about Rogue.

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Rogue DLH

It has been a while since I have had a Tuesday feature beer of the week, but this Tuesday in honour of my dad’s 62nd birthday Eldon and I tried Rogue’s Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA (LCBO# 383455).  Rogue, founded in 1987, operates out of the state of Oregon which is a renowned mecca for craft beer. Their branding promotes the Rogue Revolution which they express through their uniquely crafted brews. I am a sucker for a great name and Rogue has the quirky name thing down pat. But they aren’t just a quirky name and an amusing label, I have yet to have a beer of theirs that I haven’t loved! Dad’s Little Helper is no exception. Made with four types of malts and four types of hops this Black IPA is a rare gem in the over saturated IPA market, it is both well balanced and intense  and dances along that…

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Beer- unusual flavours and things to do with it.

Now I don’t want people to think I’m an alcoholic always talking about beer but I do like it. Craft beer that is not mass produced stuff. I have  signed up to some American newsletters and they do crazy things with beer. They make ice cream, doughnuts and all sorts of flavour combinations. Any body who was able to try the Caribbean Chocolate Cake with jerk flavouring that was made by Siren for a special occasion will know about that. Siren are an English brewer that I like very much and I wanted to go to their IPA day at their brewery on August 1st but I’m not going to be able to make it. Rogue are an American brewery who make funky beers all the time but they are in big bottles and quite expensive. I have wanted to try bacon maple beer and other flavours but I wasn’t paying £15 for something I may not like at the bottle shop when they had them or anywhere else for that matter. I like going to Wetherspoons for their beer festival and trying the unusual beer although I never get to drink very many in the 2 weeks that it’s on because they don’t have the ones I want, I don’t have the money or somebody to go with usually. I have been to quite a few beer festivals all over kent as it is the home of the hop but strangely I don’t like English hops or beer produced with it very much. I have tried American, Danish, Welsh, Scottish, Greek and even a New Zealand beer according to my rate beer account. What is not on there is all the Belgian beers I have drunk and even ones from the Cayman Islands. I am very curious and I’m always up for trying new beers, styles and places to drink said beer. I may be starting to sound like my life revolves around beer but it does not. This is at least ten years worth distilled into one article and everybody knows that teenagers and uni students go out and drink a lot.

I have made pancakes with beer before as there was a bit left in the bottle that I forget about so it was saved from a fate worse than death – being poured down the sink. I have also made bread with beer. This does not always work and should never be attempted with mass produced beer or lager as it will fail on an epic scale but craft beer is fine. This is when I bought a beer that it turned out I didn’t like so rather than commit a heinous crime and waste it and money, I made it into beer and it was fine. They always used to combine bread and beer making in the olden days as it was one of the woman’s responsibilities. Nowadays water is safe to drink but we still enjoy these 2 staples of the British diet beer and bread.