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It broadens the mind to learn about new cultures and places as everyone knows but there comes a time when you hanker for your own house, your own things and just to sit and relax enjoying nature around you. We lead lives that are so busy and full that we no longer take pleasure in the little things and are constantly after more, planning the next trip or purchase etc. If your never in one place long enough for the proverbial moss to grow how can you get any satisfaction from what you have achieved? You lose contact with those that you hold dear and may indeed miss out of some of the most defining moments of there lives. It is always a good idea to periodically examine your own lives to see if you are doing what you want in life and if not how do you go about bringing those necessary changes? January is when most people have time to re-analyse there lives and reflect on the past year.It’s also a good time to think about what you want to accomplish over the coming 12 months. However any time is good for this kind of overhaul. I think it is required for mental sanity at least once a year if not more frequently. We all need to look after our mental health as well as our physical well being but tend to neglect it as it is not as obvious as say a broken leg. Mental clarity is important to our daily lives so we should all make an effort to look after our inner selves. We are the only ones who can know what is going on inside ourselves.  There is a whole gamut of psychological disorders out there and in order to prevent ourselves from getting them we would do well to give over part of each day as me time. Then we will not be so overwhelmed by task, change and life in general. Stress is the result of trying to do too much, too often and too quickly. We need to work in harmony with our bodies not against them as we only get one even if we can replace some parts.

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