Instant raw vegan cheesecake
Cashew butter, coconut cream, orange pieces, cocoa and cinnamon, freeze then eat chilled
Impromptu bread pudding
Bread, condensed milk, coffee grains, chocolate powder, ground allspice, milk, forest fruits, microwave.
Instant Mexican wrap
Put wrap onto plate and add guacamole, sour cream, salsa, lime juice, salt and pepper, paprika, kidney beans, baked beans, sweetcorn, grated cheese, onion crispies and if you have it lettuce and cucumber, you can also add cocoa powder if you like that.
To make it vegan take away the sour cream and cheese, add mint, to make it paleo take away the wrap and add bacon krispies/chicken pieces.
Roast cauliflower meal
Cauliflower, sesame seeds, onion crispies, salt, pepper, couscous, thyme, parsley, sage, roast.

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