Media and Technology

I consume an awful lot of media as I expect we all do in its various forms, electric and printed, visual and audio. I like reading and watching and to a lesser extent listening. This means that when I got an Amazon Kindle Keyboard a couple of years ago, I was ecstatic. I was finally able to get all of the classics in one place and read them. I know realise why although they are classics people tend not to read them outside of school and instead watch the numerous movies made about them. There tiresome to read in the archaic format in which they are presented. Some are really good like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but others are depressing like Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I’ve tried to get on with them but I just can’t.

I no longer have my Keyboard but have upgraded on persuasion of my mother to the Kindle Fire. This is actually incredibly annoying. It doesn’t function well as a tablet at all. Even my mother has found this with hers and we use them in completely different ways. Hers is for audio and eBooks from her local library where as I look up things on the web, read my emails, play a game (Tribez) and use Facebook. They are always freezing, clicking on unexpected links, closing your game down for no reason. It has a good battery life if your just reading with low screen brightness otherwise when playing a game, looking for WiFi, using GPS, etc it then has to be charged about as often as a smart phone (once a day). We both heavily use them and my mums developed a fault where it refused to charge and I had to look up online how to revive mine. There heavy although we both had cases to allow it to stand up. We have only had ours for a year each and I started to notice battery issues after 3-6 months. My mum no longer has hers and is looking for something else and I’m getting something else too for my birthday. Lets hope it lasts longer than a year.

I also dislike the fact that it runs a forked version of Android so when I was into Candy Crush or other Facebook games I had to wait ages for the kindle version to come out. I hate the fact I can’t go into the play store and get whatever ever app I want. It has a forward facing camera but that’s only useful if you use Skype. It has issues with the cache and memory but the is no Ctrl-Alt-Delete like in computers or even my Samsung Galaxy S2 to kill offending processes. As far as I know there are no viruses for kindle fires but you wouldn’t need them as they do it for you.

We never tried out the video option as we don’t have Netflix subscriptions and I think being an early adopter was a bad idea as so many other things became available afterwards. I have documents on my Kindle but I can’t do anything with them as there named in a stupid way like computers do automatically. I also have photos and music that is difficult if nigh on impossible to get to. We haven’t jail broken our kindles but they might be more useful if we did. Kindles are practically useless if you want to be productive on them even though I have managed to find a calculator, Evernote which is extremely good for writing things down and sharing to other platforms and a printing app due to perseverance and Amazon offers throughout the year on apps that would usually cost money. It has been a struggle though and I don’t want to continue this as its just too difficult. I hate big corporations and going with the masses. I purposefully seek out the alternative to be different but its getting to the point where its pointless as the mainstream is so much better.

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