google translate – sentence analysis

I live in Canterbury. Ζω σε Canterbury

This is pretty straight forward as its literally i live in …

Today is Thursday. σήμερα είναι Πέμπτη

Fair enough a straight translation

What shall I do today? Τι πρέπει να κάνω σήμερα;

Yes making use of my knowledge of verbs we have can (kano) and today (simera) next to each other as you would expect (for an english person anyway).This is another direct translation.

What time do the shops close? Τι ώρα να κάνει τα μαγαζιά κλείνουν;

Here its a bit different as its translated as what time (can) does the shop close?Shows the slight grammatical differences between  Greek and English

What should I have for dinner? Τι πρέπει να έχω για δείπνο;

Here we have the verb have (echo) and its always good to familiarise yourself with new words like dinner. Here google is being helpful again with a direct translation.

Should I go out drinking? Να πάω έξω πίνοντας;

Its good for me to learn the different forms of verbs and to drink is pino.Go have drinks? is pretty much the phrasing here.

Tomorrow I’m having friends over. Αύριο είμαι έχοντας φίλους

This last one is interesting as it says in Greek Tomorrow I’m having friends. (What I’m going to eat my friends!!!)


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