Christmas sweets

I love Christmas food. I eat loads of Christmas puddings and mince pies each and every year. I start when they start appearing in shops in Sept/Oct and continue into the new year buying up the reduced supplies to last me until I’m sick of them or they disappear which happened surprisingly quickly this January. Usually I’m eating them until Spring and the biggest pudding is left until the next Christmas. I like sampling each years offering from the different brands, shops and recipes in general.

Recently I went to waitrose as they have the Heston Blumenthal range 25% off and if you have a mywaitrose card its a further 10% off. These are still fairly expensive but for an occasional treat which is what Christmas is there good. I got the Earl Grey Stollen as his Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns were very nice at Easter. I also got the spiced mince pies and the hidden clementine christmas pudding. Since there really only for me the hidden orange christmas pudding would have been too big.

The mince pies have the normal shortcrust pastry with a lattice top but in addition to the usual mincemeat, they have lemon curd and rosewater to prevent them from drying out too much. There also topped with flaked almonds and come with tangerine sugar to add on top to make them look snowy. This makes them very cheffy and definitely for showing off. I had them plain and with sugar and cream. I will have them warm later on. (My husband starting eating them so I didn’t manage this) I thought there was a bit too much going on here as I can’t detect it all but then I have a rubbish sense of smell and also in the last weeks waitrose weekender, your sense of smell is important in regards to how something tastes. In addition these are the kind of pies you need to have with Stilton and some port not on there own to appreciate there flavours properly.

Me and hubby had the stollen together which was very nice but he got bored of it after a while so I finished it. We also had the hidden clementine Christmas pudding. This is certainly a sharing pudding as it’s really rich but we didn’t really enjoy it that much. Maybe because I’m lazy and microwave them and puddings really need steaming. The clementine didn’t really do it for us and we would much rather just have normal Christmas pudding. So I will not be buying the hidden orange and last year I gave my mum a gold Christmas pudding and she said that was far too sweet and she would much rather have a normal one too.

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