How Asperger’s powers my writing

How Asperger’s powers my writing

Most people with aspergers myself included find that writing helps get all the words out of there brain because they see connections everywhere and they feel the urge to talk about this. If you don’t talk for ages, you get what has been called by my mother, verbal diarrhoea, as the words just spill out of you so fast and you can’t stop the flow. It’s when the words don’t flow that you really need to worry about as it shows something profound has just happened and we’re struggling to comprehend it so much there is no space in our current mental capacity for words. This can be quite difficult to manage in crisis situations so some sign and others have people to talk for them. The problem is usually when they have never learnt to talk and there not sufficiently developed to have another form of communication in place to compensate for this lack. Usually they will not see it as a problem but everybody else will because of the innate human need to talk to one another. We could probably cope with solitary confinement better than the average person as we would be in our own little worlds not bothering about civilization. It’s just a different mindset that doesn’t place such a high priority on physical contact and communication but on getting things done efficiently and how to improve on things to make them better disregarding tradition sometimes for innovation as the context has changed some what since the idea or process was originally conceived.

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