Language learning obstacles

As I’m quite interested in language learning at the moment I have been trying to learn a1 Spanish on Memrise but the thing that is tripping me up right from the start is the gender issue. I keep getting the forms wrong for the most basic verb llamo because learning how to say my name is correctly is quite important. Maybe the conventional way of learning a language is not good for me as I have progressed better with my Greek by following a rather obscure method of a bit of this, that and the other since there was no a1 course. Learning grammar I have found was easier later but to properly get this in my head I need practice. I’m rather reticent however to practice on my friends because its embarrassing and I can’t speak properly anyway.

I am however diverging from the point that maybe because Spanish is perceived as easier as there is no alphabet to learn and lots of the words are similar to other romance languages or you can figure them out relatively easily due to exposure that it doesn’t activate the brain as much as it constructs roadblocks to prevent learning.

I am however struck by the similarities in alphabet construction between Greek and Russian and I’m having the same issues here namely all the e’s. Who would have thought that one letter in English could have so many different sounds which are separate letters in Greek and Russian?

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