Grimsby by Sacha Baron Cohen

Now this is your standard movie by SBC and by that I mean it has 3 or 4 moments where you’re not sure whether to laugh, cry, cover your eyes or just be shocked by the audacity of what you are seeing unfold on screen. Guys this movie may make you feel uncomfortable with the action that happens but you expected that right?

It has a point to prove this movie through all its stupidity and although it showcases England through all its bad points with benefit claimants, football hooligans and violence but also that the higher ups are no better with their aristocratic values and attitudes to those in the lower classes. England is class orientated and will always be so but it does show that upbringing and the opportunities that are presented to one at each stage of their life are incredibly important and can have drastic effects on the outcome.

Family and love is a strong theme here as that transcends money, power and politics but as it’s a comedy there is always that element there to prevent it from becoming overly soppy and romantic but also from being a serious analysis of life in general. It glosses over a lot of things so that you remain interested in the main points that are presented and you don’t get distracted by side plots.

Modern life comes in many forms but the basics are present where ever or however you live. SBC is a very intelligent man and can spin a gross out movie that entertains kids, teenagers and adults but also there is always a deeper meaning underneath all the grim that is portrayed. It has its action, geekiness, romance so everything you expect from a movie nowadays in his unique style. The movie is a bit far fetched and fantastical in its plot points but it is the dream of most english people to see what happens as regards the footballing interest. Its very teenage in its appeal but we know this already and have come to expect this as the Ali G movie, Borat, the Dictator and now this all address the issues of their time in a way that is appealing to all. (Just don’t see it with your grandparents or possibly even parents if there quite traditional.)

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