Making adjustments for autism can be as easy as honesty

We are slowly turning the tide!

Autism and Expectations

Lots of autistic people are already making many adjustments to fit in with the rest of you. To stop you from feeling uncomfortable. To stop you from noticing us. To keep us all safe from the shadow of “difference”.

Why are we the ones making adjustments?

Because majority defines normality. That’s the only reason.

It’s not a good enough one, is it? It’s not a defensible position.

It’s essentially the argument of the boss at work who doesn’t want to automate their systems, because, “We’ve always done it this way.”

But automating systems increases productivity. The less time and energy I have to put in to pretending to be just like you, the more time and energy I have for being a productive member of society. I only have so much brainpower to work with. It’s finite. And I’ve spent years wasting it on “being normal”, instead of useful things.

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