Early beer reviews from april onwards

My current favourite beers come from a brewery near Reading. “They still do”. I have tried the Undercurrant, Soundwave and Broken Dreams. Undercurrant is a pale oatmeal beer that is nice, refreshing, grapefruit tasting beer but has a lot more going on than you would expect. Soundwave is the same but lemony. Broken Dreams is completly different with chocolate and coffee tastes to it. Liquid Mistress is a red ipa beer and it has the same characteristic taste of developing into a lot more than you think your going to get. Its tasty and flavoursome, even a little creamy. 7 Seas is a black ipa that I have tasted and it tasted really good. I have found that I’m not fond of black ipas since there usually just half ipa/half dark ale and I don’t think that goes together well but sometimes it can do. Das sound wave is with german hops but I’m not quite sure about that yet. Caribbean chocolate cake sounds awesome but when I sampled wasn’t that good but I did drink a lot that day. Its actually really awesome. Barrel aged Jim Beam Broken Dreams is good, smoky almost so reminiscent of bacon. Also had it with Jack daniels and it tasted similar but I wouldn’t want to drink whole bottles of them. Limoncello was bad but White Tips ipa was good but couldn’t appreciate properly with the amount I drank. Had a couple since in bottle and on tap and there good. Sam would probably like 10 Finger Discount but we never got to try that one. “had Shattered Dreams since and that was quite nice but I think the percentage of the swedish belgian beer and the Siren Chocolate Cake got to me before hand so I couldn’t properly taste it.”

In Derbyshire is another that we both like having tried the Wild Raven which is another nice beer, its a black ipa. This is a new style that I hadn’t tried before. The Sequoia didn’t quite do it for me. Colorado red is quite a nice drinking beer too. Jaipur is a nice drinking beer, subtle, nice on its own but overpowered by food. nice level of carbonation and bitterness.”I do like the Jaipur having had it on tap too.”amarillo? Dead Man ale is another ale thats good for drinking. Wild Swan I tried but wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be but its great value in its 500ml size. Especially from waitrose as there a £ or more cheaper than bottle shop. Kipling is tropical and smooth. A pale ale that is bubbly and fruity using nelson sauvin hop. Nelson Sauvin makes beer tastes like white wine so its actually quite nice because I have had a couple of purely nelson sauvin recently.

Black chocolate stout tasted as it was supposed to and was quite nice. “Not a very good description but don’t remember much about this one.”

Dead Metaphor breakfast stout which was creamy and tasted of coffee it was really nice. A milk stout as well which was excellent but I can’t remember much about it doh! too much beer dulls the brain lol. “Nothing new there then lol”

Brew by Numbers
05 05 actually tasted quite nice after thinking from the description I wouldn’t like it. That sometimes happens that if I have no expectations of a beer that I like it but if I think I will and expect it to be nice it is not always so. Hawthorne effect works with beer too I guess. “So true” It doesn’t taste herby but it’s quite refreshing after all the black ipa and stouts I had drank that evening. India pale ale simcoe and Chinook. 7.3% pale in colour. Brew By Numbers 11/02 Session IPA – Motueka & Centennial had this beer but wasn’t sure about this. Centennial is a nice hop but motueka is not. “Yeah thats one of the few hops I dislike.”  Sam had a nice one here that was quite fruity I think it was was amarillo and citra. Had a tripel mosaic and that was nice but sam didn’t like it.

Partisan 7 grain farmhouse was a rich coffee dark beer with a good creamy head but it was too carbonated. It was a bit like drinking soda. It tasted better as the beer went on and the carbonation receeded. You could taste the beer better. If I had it again it would probably be nice. “but then again I had a similiar beer from Rogue Mocha Porter and I didn’t like that. “Apparently all the beers are carbonated like that but the christmas stout less so. “But still haven’t drunk or really many Partizan.

Old Ford export stout is quite nice. “Yes it is but that is a rubbish description of it.”

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