TV Shows About Beer That Are Worth Watching

Trust the Brew Dog guys to make a show as well.

On Tap Diaries

Craft brewing is currently going through a huge worldwide revolution. This means that there are not only more breweries and consumers but also a whole market generated around this product. Merchandising, courses, guided tastings and, why not, TV shows and even movies.

There are two TV series that we strongly believe are great, interesting and that mebrewers and beer lovers can totally enjoy.

Brew Masters


The show was aired in 2010 by Discovery Channel. It tells the story of Sam Calagione and his brewery, Dogfish Head, from Delaware, USA. The Company was founded in 1995 with the slogan “Off-centred ales for off-centred people” and it is known for its 90 minute IPA and for the Punkin’ Ale.

In the show, Sam starts each episode looking for new brewing recipes: from unseen, innovative ones to copies of ancient styles such as Peruvian Chicha and the one that was brewed in…

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