Separation anxiety in Aspergers

Now you may think that this is a thing that only children have and people grow out of it but for autistics this is simply not true. Lots of them have stuffed toys that they sleep with, blankets, clothes etc all the stuff that you would expect in a child. It is because part of them never grows up hence the innocence,  the wonder, awe, the wide eyes and the importance of novelty but also the need to keep them occupied. It is a wondrous thing to look at the world with a child’s eye to see the beauty that is ignored by others but it’s also a curse as you can’t deal with daily life when your significant other or whatever goes away and you don’t have contact with them every day. I usually don’t have so much issue with this and I’m glad to have time away but just lately it’s been emotional torture and I can’t sleep properly.

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