Infinite possibility and its detractors

I have a butterfly mind.  This was recognised by my primary school teacher as she wrote precisely that in my school report. I may have even mentioned this before in one of my books. This means that I can be completely fascinated and absorbed in a subject one minute but something else completely unintended happens and it distract me until I’m reminded to refocus on the task at hand. It also means that depending on the strength of interest in the current task, I will constantly wander onto something else or stay on track. This ability for me to pay attention to so many different things at once tends to lead to exhaustion and its difficult to have a one track mind. When I do have one as fate would have it, its the time when I need my attention to be in 5 different places at once.

This constant switching is not particularly useful in the working world but it is very good when talking to strangers because you never know what there going to be interested in and can strike up a conversation about all manner of things. Yes I know you shouldn’t talk to strangers because its dangerous, I’m English and all the other things we get indoctrinated about throughout our lives but if you never did that you would never make any friends or do anything cool.

Its also how businesses start and thrive for isn’t networking the bringing together of many unknowns that have a common interest and are working together to achieve a common goal? So you see I have the potential for so many things but is currently underutilised as I love to research, read, watch the world around me to stay informed on new developments, current affairs and all that this world has to offer. However, I hover on the edge of things not knowing how to contribute as others don’t like being shown up by there lack of knowledge and sometimes even morals and integrity for greed is there main motivator and they will stop at nothing until they get what they want. Harvey Weinstein anyone?

So what is a girl to do as you should show your femininity and vulnerability to show that you are a woman but then you are taken advantage of and if you present as masculine you never quite good enough as your just an impostor and you are denying who you really are and that is a sad state of affairs. Women have for too long been second class citizens as we are not as physically strong as men and our vitality decreases as we age where as men don’t in such a dramatic fashion but we are in fact much stronger in a mental capacity than they are. We need to leverage this advantage so that the playing field is levelled for men and women for both should stand side by side to create a fairer more just world.

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