This a skill that takes some time to acquire. It is a very useful skill to have but some of us have more difficulty with it than others. Learning to control your impulses and desires is necessary but actually achieving this is more difficult than you may expect.

When your mind or your body wishes to do all manner of things which are deemed socially unacceptable; there is an internal struggle to resist both the temptation to do/say it and the power that it may be a good thing that nobody has ever thought/done before.

History is littered with occasions when one person decided to do something different and then everyone else gradually followed suit so that that became the new accepted way of doing things. The one that springs to mind right now is the Fosbury flop. This was how high jump was changed simply by a man jumping the opposite direction to normal one day. A simple act but with vast consequences.

With this in mind, next time you come across an idea that challenges your perceptions and preconceived ideas, think. Now why has this thought process occurred to me today, what does it mean and what am I going to do about it afterwards?

If we take the time to understand things that we have not come across before, we grow. This requires patience in both parties but without it we cannot move forward into self actualisation and the best version of ourselves and therefore our world.

As we are at an unprecedented time in history, it is my belief that we can reshape the world and society as a whole; into one that not only respects all of humanity but also nature and everything else that is contained within it.

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