Art therapy

This is a legitimate field of study Art therapy and it is not that surprising that people look into this area given the rise in popularity of adult colouring books.Creative arts therapy is a similar discipline.

When your stressed you frequently can’t talk to another but you can always create art. The simple act of putting marks onto an object to demonstrate your thoughts has been around since we were cavemen. There is a basic need within us to communicate with one another and through art it is an almost primal experience.

Art therapy fills the need within us to be creative but without the need for any structure or knowledge. It is restorative and allows our thoughts to be processed and unwound so that they are no longer disturbing us. Art is a mainly unconscious activity for if we think too much then the creation if not all that it can be. It is reflective of our inner state and often allows us to comprehend things that previously were incomprehensible.

Art is a representation of ourselves at our core so we should all indulge in it to reconnect to our inner child. Too many of the worlds problems are created by those that have lost all connections to others. Art seeks to evoke an emotional reaction and to get you thinking along new lines with your response to what is in front of you.

Art empowers us and allows us to be reborn. Without exposure to creativity on a regular basis we became staid. Our ideas lack imagination. Our creative juices run dry. This is a state that should never be allowed to happen.

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  1. hazel says:

    I definitely recommend incorporating arts and crafts into recovery – it’s a brilliant method of self-expression, release of emotions, and it’s also a great distraction technique.

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    1. Yes I find it very good too.


  2. Thank you for your great post, something I have needed to read, I am about to start my second year of university (Bachelor of Counseling) and would love to be an art therapist/counselor. I can see not just with myself but how art/craft can be such a great way to break down stress, tension and how art therapy can help with quietening the mind for people with eating disorders (an area of interest for myself).

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    1. Thankyou for appreciating my work. It was through a friend who had been treated with art therapy for an eating disorder that I came across it. She was studying art as a result of its success.

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